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Spiritual Companionship/Individualized Soul Care

Click and read to find out more about what spiritual companionship is and how Dr. Ashely offers it.
Sessions last one hour and are typically scheduled once a month.
The first session is free of charge, so you can dip your toe in the water risk free. Afterwards, sessions are $60/hour. However, a sliding scale is offered for those who need a lessor fee, especially for those in Bible college, seminary, etc.



Guided Lectio Divina, Meditations, Contemplative Prayer

Listen as Dr. Ashley leads you, or your group, into a scriptural engagement with different biblical verses as meditative music plays.
Lectio Divina means holy reading. This is where we engage with scripture from a spiritual posture, awaiting the Holy Spirit to teach us personally or communally through the living word. It is a time to listen with our heart and spirit. This is not a directed bible study.



Biblical Teachings by Dr. Elisa Ashley

Listen to these messages, about 30 minutes of teaching. 
While it is always difficult to separate out a message from the particular group of people that is was written for and delivered to. I do hope these messages bless you in some way.
You can download or listen by clicking the link above.



Resource Page: Books, Websites, Spiritual Directors

Find recommended books and websites to support you on your spiritual journey. 
There is also a short list of Spiritual Directors who have been vetted by JPI and provide services via Zoom. Please check their websites for pricing and availability. 



Deep Dive Women’s Bible Study

To access these materials, you must be a registered member of this group.
If you’re interested in attending a Bible study taught by Dr. Ashley, please email your request/inquiry or set up a general conversations Zoom meeting with her. 



John 17:23 Pastoral Support Group

To access these materials, you must be a registered member of this group.
To find out more about these groups visit Barnabas Ministries Inc.