Spiritual Companionship

Deepen your relationship with God through individualized soul care.
Through the telling of your own stories
discover and attend to God’s presence
in your every day life.
Savor God’s presence,
receive the Holy Spirit’s invitations,
and respond as you walk
in the ways of Christ.

What is it?

  • A dedicated time when Dr. Ashley focuses on you and your spiritual journey.
  • She listens deeply and asks insightful questions, to assist you in recognizing, reflecting, and responding to God’s current movements and invitations in your spiritual walk.
  • For more information about spiritual companions visit this link at Spiritual Directors Institute

 How is it offered?

  • You can meet Dr. Ashley via Zoom or in-person near the Charlotte, NC area. All interactions are strictly covered with a confidentiality agreement.
  • The first consultation is free, so that you can explore this practice risk-free.
  • Afterwards, Journeyers pay via the donate page. The rate is $60/hr with a sliding scale lower for those who need it. I don’t want money to keep you from the support you need. The bottom rate is $25/hr. 

What are the expectations?

  • Come as you are.
  • Be present in your spiritual journey with honest authentic vulnerability. This is an accepting safe space where you can explore all of your feelings, fears, doubts, joys, triumphs, and uncertainties about God and your own soul.
  • As the Holy Spirit leads, you’ll share about your daily life, relationships, desires, struggles, and take deeper notices of how God is working in all of these.
  • Deep sharing that you could never do within your ministry. Come here to receive loving soul care.

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