Professional Individualized

Soul Care


Your journey to improve every aspect of your life begins with soul care –
the heart of all that matters.
When you need and want professional individualized soul care
that’s lifegiving
and invites open discussions in a safe-space.
Deepen your relationship with God
through individualized soul care.


Through the telling of your own stories

discover and attend to God’s presence

in your everyday life –

the place where doubt, fatigue, depression, confusion,
joy, relief, insight,

and revelation all live.



Savor God’s presence,

receive the Holy Spirit’s invitations,

and respond as you walk

in the ways of Christ.


What others are saying.

Lisa S.

I’m very thankful to know Dr. Elisa Ashley and to participate in her Soul Care sessions. She has helped me navigate feelings, guided me to heal from difficult life experiences, and led me to see Jesus revealed in them. After each meeting, she extends an invite to reflect on some things she provides, which is so helpful to have things to apply until the next meeting. This way, you leave with some intentional application steps. Going to Soul Care sessions are worth it and extremely life-giving.


Julianna H.

Soul Care with Dr. Elisa Ashley has been the best personal care I’ve ever experienced! I am learning to see my life and choices in a whole new perspective. Healing from the past is helping me to become more whole as God formed me to be. I am so grateful for this work and for Elisa!

Monica C.

Soul Care has been so life giving for me. Dr. Ashley is helping me recognize mindsets that are inconsistent with Biblical teachings so that I can walk more freely in God’s will for my life.

What is professional individualized Soul Care?

Your Dedicated Time-
to focus on your own spiritual/life journey while Dr. Ashley focuses on you, led by the Holy Spirit.
Time to Reflect-
and respond to God’s current movements in your spiritual walk as Dr. Ashley asks insightful questions to assist you.
Time of Invitation-
to meditate on personalized topics or scriptures between sessions

What are the expectations?

Come as you are.
Be Present-
in your spiritual journey with honest authentic vulnerability. This is an accepting safe space where you can explore all of your feelings, fears, doubts, joys, triumphs, and uncertainties about God, your own soul, your relationships, etc.
as the Holy Spirit leads, about your daily life, relationships, desires, struggles, past, dreams, and take deeper notices of how God is working in all of these. If you are a pastor wife or woman in ministry, this is deep sharing that you could never do within your own ministry or congregation.
loving soul care.
Seek understanding-
It is highly recommended and strongly encouraged that you take the RHETI Enneagram Assessment online at the Enneagram Institute for $12.
(I receive absolutely nothing from the Enneagram Institute. It’s just simply the best assessment that I know.)

 How is it offered?


Zoom or in-person (Charlotte, NC area). All interactions are strictly covered with a confidentiality agreement.

The first session is a free consultation, so that you can explore this practice risk-free.

$60/hr is the standard rate (a sliding scale is offered for those who need it). You may pay by PayPal, check, or cash.

Typically once/month for one hour.




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