Steps and Options

This is your best first step for whatever option you choose.
After you register, you’ll get a password to unlock the “How To” Training for Journey Groups page on this website. 
Option 1:
Invite women yourself to form a new
Journey Group
with you
  • Invite at least 2 other women to form a new Journey Group
  • These may be women in your local area from a variety of churches, or women not in your local area that maybe you’ve met online or at a non-denominational conference
  • Invite them to visit this site, so they can understand what a Journey Group is
  • Decide on a meeting schedule, ie: 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm (Journey Groups usually meet twice a month – but can meet less if that’s all you can squeeze into your schedule.) Some groups meet during the day and some in the evening. 
  • Virtual/In-person/Hybrid: groups vary – some mostly meet online and then schedule a luncheon or retreat occasionally
  • If you’d like for Dr. Ashley to speak to the whole group, give an overview, and kick-off your new Journey Group…
      • Find a couple of dates and times that work for your group
      • Match that up with an appointment with Dr. Ashley here
Option 2:
Wait to be grouped
with other women already registered
As women register, we will match-up women to begin new Journey Groups
Additional Option:
Attend open monthly meeting to meet other women, share,
and get support from Dr. Ashley
Make your reservation to attend the open monthly meeting as you wait for your own personal Journey Group to start.

Journey Groups Are…

Pastor Wife-to-Pastor Wife
Peer soul care groups of women married to ministers
Small Groups
Small soul care groups of 3-5 women married to ministers
Group members are pastors’ wives (affinity) from multiple denominations/associations (cross) – this diverse make-up provides feelings of safety for personal sharing…feeling like what you share won’t be used against your husband’s career and shared within your own denomination/association
Safe Spaces
Confidentiality, environment, and practices of the group are secured in a Journey Group Covenant. With virtual groups, you can connect with women either inside your geographical area or with those far away from you – some women prefer to share with other women outside of their local area and some prefer to share with women inside their local area. 
Life Giving
Engage in 3 regular practices at each session: Scripture, Sharing, and Prayer
Regularly Scheduled
Journey Groups meet every two weeks (ie. 1st and 3rd Tuesday) or every three weeks on a rotating schedule…or once a month if women are in a real pinch for time. Some meet geographically in-person [when safe to do so] and some meet online via Zoom and gather in-person only occasionally for a meal or weekend retreat. Some online group members are even from different states.

Guiding Principals of Journey Groups

We have our identity as a child of God.
John 1:12-13; Romans 8:15; Ephesians 1:4-8; 1 John 3:1-3
We are accepted in the Beloved.
Psalm 6, 22, 42, 74; Romans 8:30-39, 14:3-4; Ephesians 1:6; Colossians 1:21-22
We have unity and equity in Christ.
Romans 15:5-6; 1 Corinthians 12:4-27; Galatians 6:2-5
For a detailed look at the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Journey Groups you can click here.

Register Below to join a Journey Group or start one in your area.


Waiting for your own Journey Group to start?

Sometimes there are several women and sometimes you may be the only one,
getting one-on-one attention from Dr. Ashley. 

Pastor Wife to Pastor Wife

No one can understand your role quite like another clergy wife. While no two roles or people are exactly the same, there’s something deeply unique about the pastorate that affects life and how we live it. 
Journey groups are for real-life women, facing real-life obstacles, wrestling with a real-life faith while receiving the real-life rewards of the role. These groups are not about pretending to be perfect or that everything is ok. These groups are about being authentically known and knowing others deeply. These are about building fully reciprocal relationships peer-to-peer. 


Journey Groups are about unity in Christ found amid the diversity of Christianity. Here, the diversity of the denominational/associational makeup provides a sense of safety…you won’t be sharing deeply with a woman who might share something within your faith tradition that might circulate or rise up the ranks and negatively impact your husband’s career. 
In fact, there’s no requirement for you to ever share your faith tradition with your group. There’s no requirement for you to even share the name of the church where your husband pastors. 
Some women want to invite women in their community to form a group. This allows for face-to-face group meetings [when safe to do so] and for the opportunity to work on community ministry projects together.
Some women prefer to meet online, even if they may live near others in their group. In some cases, a woman is unable to find women in her community that want to form a group, while there are women in other towns, cities, or states that are waiting for a group to form. In which case, these women can be grouped together regardless of geographical location. In cases where the group members live farther apart, they often schedule a weekend retreat once  a year when feasible. Some women just find more safety in meeting with women farther away, especially if they are struggling or are newly dipping their toe into peer community.
We’re here to assure you…the women in these groups are more like you than you think. They’re not here to judge but to journey with you.

Safe Spaces


Confidentiality, humility, hospitality, and fidelity are cornerstone for Journey Groups.

Each member commits to a Covenant that begins with this promise:

We commit ourselves to the following principles, practices, and standards. We ask the Lord’s help in keeping them, in confronting our sister if she beaks them, and for a receiving heart if we are confronted. We will ask for grace and forgiveness from God and our sisters if we break them. We invite our sisters to hold us accountable for the sake of this community and all that God will do through it. 
The Covenant goes on to detail the principles, actions, structure, and practices of the group. You can read a sample here.
While we try to not take ourselves too seriously in this crazy life, we do take these cornerstones seriously. We are committed to deep relationship and support, so we ae committed to creating and maintaining safe space.

Life Giving

Engage in 3 regular practices at each session:

Registering WILL let us know how to:

support you as you gather a new group to start or wait for us to connect you with other women already registered.
best match you with women online who are waiting just for someone like you to start a group.
pray for you and to make personal contact if you’d like.
give you access to our Journey Groups Resource page, where you can learn all the details about conducting groups and group life.

Registering will not:

Obligate you in any way. If you decide not to move forward, we won’t stalk you with emails.
Let your email information be used for marketing. See our privacy policy.
Open you up to charges, as all Journey Groups, resourcing, and conductor coaching support are free.
Give us permission to share your name with others. When we form a group, we withhold names until the last thing – when women are ready to meet each other.