I’m so glad you came.

I serve women like you who are married to ministers. I’ve dedicated hours of academic study, heartfelt prayer, and shared tears as I’ve listened to women’s stories.
You can find acceptance, support, and learning here.
Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Elisa Ashley

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Conferences are great – but what about all the time in between?


That’s where Journey Groups come in!


Journey Partner Inc.

is an inter-faith Christian para-church ministry serving all Christian women from any denomination/association who are married to ministers of any type
(senior, associate, youth, etc.) and ordained deacons.

Our journey is unique but incomplete without the support and sharing of others.


Carrying each other’s burdens. Serving each other in love.


The role of Pastor’s Wife is a real thing.

Regardless of how involved you are at church or what the church’s expectations are,
there’s no away around the simple fact that you are married to the pastor.
That’s simply not the same as being a regular church member.

The question women must answer is,

how do I believe God is inviting me to live this embodied role?


Your answer is unique and not a one-size-fits-all!

While you are blessed by God in many ways through your role as pastor’s wife,
the role also presents many particular stressors that can negatively impact
your spiritual, physical, and psycho-emotional health.

According to research,

a majority of women like you struggle to some degree with the following.


You are not alone!

Emotional Pain
Finding Confidants
Financial Strain
Interpersonal Loneliness
Role Expectation/Confusion
Time Pressures
Boundary Issues
Creating spiritual community where you can be authentically vulnerable
Stress and anxiety – family stress
Lack of social support
Lack of privacy – fishbowl effect –
boundary issues


There is Good News!


Research shows that


spiritual resources


have the greatest total positive effect for your quality of life

as a woman married to a minister!


Does this story feel familiar?

Eve has always loved the Lord, at least for as long as she can remember. Lately, however, it is getting harder.
She is thirty-something with two young kids and endless laundry. Sometimes she stares into the washing machine and watches the water swirl, back and forth. That is how her life feels: kids, clean, cook, work, church, sleep, repeat.
Her college degree didn’t prepare her for this. Her husband seems to be rarely home. When he is home in body, he is often not in mind. He has just started his second pastorate, and the demands are high. He gives so much physically and emotionally to the church that he feels empty by the time he gets home. Who can blame him, and how is she supposed to compete with a calling from God?
As the new pastor’s wife on the block, she was asked to lead VBS this coming summer. Panic swept over her body, her gut tightened, and her mouth got dry. She knew it would not be her gifting, but those looming expectations from the church and those she had of herself… They were haunting and daunting.
Who could she talk to? Who would understand?

Dr. Ashley understands;

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Other pastor wives understand;

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