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Welcome. Learn about Resiliency Groups.

The Nurse Resiliency Project was started with a heart for nurses and the load they carry. We recognize the burdens of a shift and the difficulties of unpacking that burden after a shift. Here, you can unload before you try to go to sleep or visit with your family. Through research and nurse consultations, we’ve created Nurse Resiliency Groups where nurses can receive spiritual and emotional support from Dr. Elisa Ashley or an inter-faith Christian leader and from each other.  

Scheduled at a variety of times

1 hr sessions
Some sessions are scheduled to accommodate other times zones. These will expand as more nurses request them. 


Moral Distress
Compassion Fatigue

Free Service

Attend as many group sessions as you like

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Resiliency Groups are held in a virtual format. This allows geographical diversity within the group, so that you’re meeting with different people besides your own team. It also allows you to meet from anywhere, even from your car in a parking lot. With virtual meetings, we can offer you group opportunities in a variety of time slots with both day and evening offerings. If you would like to meet at a time not listed, please email your request to We’re happy to accommodate if we can. Each meeting is created with a unique link and password. All attendees are registered with JPI. No links are made public. 



Peer-Group Self-Care

Resiliency Groups are your fellow nurses from around the country. They relate to your pain, trials, and frustrations. Each group member signs a confidentiality form. No reports are filed with the hospital, and you decide who knows you’re in a group. You share your stories with people who get it and have a safe place to unload. 




Resiliency Groups are facilitated by Dr. Elisa Ashley or another inter-faith Christian leader. They lead practices, such as Breath Prayer and Guided Meditation, that address the inter-dependence of body, mind, and spirit. They model active listening while you share your stories. They offer prayer at the end of each session, or you can drop off if you choose. 




To heal from all the loss and grief you witness and feel, those emotions and stories need to be shared. Resiliency Groups create an environment where you will be nurtured and heard, not judged and fixed. 


What to expect from a group session?

  1. Breathe. Sessions will begin with a breath/meditation type practice to ground and relax the body and focus the mind and spirit.
  2. Share your story, your way. Group Attendees will be invited to share their experiences and emotions. The Facilitator may have some specific questions to help prompt you. 
  3. Be heard. Sharing is about getting in-touch and getting things out. No one is there to “fix” anyone or “judge” anyone. Attendees are welcome to speak up and to each other. Compassion, empathy, and authenticity will guide the discussions.
  4. Receive. Sessions will end with the Facilitator praying for the Attendees. If for any reason this makes you uncomfortable, you may simply drop off.

What is the flow?

  1. Register. Register for groups below.
  2. Password. You will receive an email with the password for the “Events” tab.
  3. Sign Up. Go to the “Events” tab and follow the sign-up instructions. When you receive a confirmation email from Zoom, you are officially signed-up for a group session.
  4. Share. Share your story and receive support in a session. Then, pat yourself on the back for taking these important self-care steps!
  5. Feedback. After each group session, complete a Feedback Form.
  6. Consider. Although all sessions are free, we ask you to consider making even a small donation after each session. We are grateful.
  7. Sign Up for More. Go to the “Events” tab as often as you want to sign-up for as many groups sessions as you like. You may sign-up immediately before a meeting, but we do prefer at least 24 hr notice.
  8. Request. If you want a group session on a day or time that is not listed in the calendar, please request it at


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