Ready to volunteer as a facilitator?

  1. Register. Please complete the following form. A staff member or volunteer will be in touch with you personally, if we have not already spoken to you.
  2. Password. You will be emailed a specialized password to access the sub-tab “Facilitator Schedules & Info,” from there you will use SignUpGenius to sign-up for time slots and access both training and resource materials.
  3. Prayer Partner. In order to complete the registration below, you must have secured a prayer partner who is willing to pray for you and your group in real-time as you lead it.

Want more information? Keep reading.

Who facilitates?

Dr. Elisa Ashley, volunteer chaplains, pastors, Christian leaders, etc. facilitate our Nurse Resiliency Groups. These are men and women who are already equipped to facilitate and foster spiritual and emotional support within our groups without judgement or fixing. You are invited to apply if you are an active or retired chaplain or pastor, if you have completed one unit of CPE training, if you are an active or retired counselor or therapist, etc. If you’re not sure if your training qualifies, please complete our registration form below to get our feedback. We need your service and expertise!

What do we provide?

We provide a general template, based on research, along with helpful group questions and resourcing on the topics of soul care, moral distress, compassion fatigue, etc. We provide the Zoom platform and all the back-office work for the groups. We offer a monthly Zoom Facilitator Soul Care opportunity for facilitators to share, process, and discuss best practices they’ve utilized in groups. The Facilitator Soul Care group is facilitated by our Executive Director, Dr. Elisa Ashley. We provide prayer covering for your prayer partner.

What are facilitators’ commitments?

We ask our facilitators to volunteer as much or as little as they have the margin to offer. Nurse Resiliency Groups are 1 hour in length. Therefore, some facilitators volunteer 1 hour/week and some volunteer 2 hours/month. Some start by committing themselves to three months, assessing their availability after that. 
Time-slot offerings vary. You are welcome to join for day or evening sessions.
You sign-up for as many or as few time-slots as you are able to facilitate. This may vary week-to-week or month-to-month. That’s absolutely fine. Volunteering is completely flexible. We do not offer group slots to nurses until we first have a facilitator to lead them. You can go back in as many times as you would like to add slots, if you only want to schedule a short time in advance. As we are a new service, attendance may be slow in the beginning, until information about the groups spreads to more nurses. We believe this is an important offering. We believe that attendance will grow. We believe God will use this for his Kingdom. 

What is the flow?

  1. Register. Facilitators register below, followed by a phone call.
  2. Password. Facilitators are emailed a password to access the sub-tab “Facilitator Schedules & Info,” where they will find the sign-up link and resources (from Zoom instructions to informational articles to the post-group feedback form).
  3. SignUpGenius. Facilitators sign-up for as many time-slots as they are are able to serve.
  4. Facilitate. Training materials and resources are provided. Facilitators receive a reminder 2 days before for their group time.
  5. Feedback Form. Facilitators complete a post-group feedback/reflection form after each group session.
  6. Discuss. Facilitators may at any time attend the monthly offering for facilitators to gather for a Zoom session – some may choose once/month and some may choose every-other month, etc.
  7. Rinse and Repeat. Please!