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Dr. Elisa Renae Ashley,

Executive Director


Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

You can read some more formal stuff about me later down the page, for now I’d like to just share my heart with you.

When I was in 1st grade I had an old-school teacher named Mrs. Pearson. On the first day of class she asked all the students to stand up next to their desk and say their name and share something about their summer. I thought, “Yes! No we’re talking!” But I discovered that day how different people can be from one another. When it came time for the little girl sitting across from me to stand up and say her name, she just sat there frozen. She just stared at her desk with her fingers laced together. Mrs. Pearson offered her a reprieve and moved on to the next person, “It’s okay, dear. We’ll come back around to you.” But when Mrs. Pearson came back around, there was no change. Staring. Fingers laced. The young blond-haired girl with a buster brown haircut lifted up her head slightly and looked at me with crystal blue eyes sparkling with tears just about to roll down her cheeks.

My heart was so moved by her discomfort that I stood up and said, “I’ll stand up with you.” The young girl stared at me for a moment, fingers still laced. Slowly, she unlaced her fingers, placed them flat on the desk, stood up and said, “I’m Melanie.” The class erupted into applause, and we quickly sat back down. Graciously, Mrs. Pearson left things with just Melanie’s name. Once we finally got to the playground, Melanie and I became friends.

I had a heart to stand with Melanie as she faced her fears and found her courage. I have a heart to stand with you in the same way.
I am a life-long Jesus follower. That’s not to say my faith journey has been easy, but my life is always better because of Jesus. I have felt both the pain of loss and the sustaining power of faith. I have a genuine message of hope and love to share with you.
I founded JPI in 2017 and have been serving in professional ministry since 2009. I started as an educator in 1996, but earned my Master’s of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and my Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from George Fox Portland Seminary. I am  currently in the Spiritual Christian Counseling certification process under the American Institute of Health Care Professionals.  
My dissertation is entitled Thriving Holistically as a Woman Married to a Minister: A Spiritual Formation Model to Support Women in the United States in their Role of Pastor’s Wife. I’ve devoted hours of study and prayer to women in this special role and am professionally and uniquely trained to serve pastor wives. If you have any difficulty accessing the dissertation at the above link, try downloading a PDF here.
For more details, you may take a gander at my full curriculum vitae here.
I’d love to chat with you. You can schedule a Zoom session or phone call with me by clicking here to access my calendar.

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