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Hope for Girls Foundation

Better Menstrual Health
for Better Lives
10% of all donations to JPI go to the
Hope for Girls Foundation.
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10% of all donations to JPI go to the

Hope for Girls Foundation.


Here is Rev. Pamela Okinda’s ministry in her own words.


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Hope for Girls Foundation

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Due to the overwhelming need of access to sanitary pads by many school girls in this region and beyond and notwithstanding the fact that it is among the most overlooked issue in our communities;
We hereby appeal for well wishers to support this noble course in prayer, through weekly, monthly or quartely donations or through shipments and consignments to help us achieve our sole vision of reaching out to every needy girl with this very necessary commodity.

Currently we are supporting 300 girls and the number is growing rapidly.

Monthly support for 1 girls = $4.99
Annual support for 1 girl = $59.88
Better Menstrual Health
for Better Lives
The Hope for Girls Foundation was founded by Rev. Pamela A. Okinda in 2016 as a way of giving back to the community.
Her experience as an adolescent with regards to menstruation motivated her to ensure that girls get a better experience
during their menstrual cycles.

Having grown up in the villages with hardly any access to sanitary towels, her life as a young girl was affected in education and occasional embarrassment stigmatized her and at times influenced
negatively her academic progress.

This initiative aims at empowering young girls with necessary knowledge on menstrual health while supporting those in need of sanitary towels.

In Kenya the average price of a sanitary towel with undergarments varies from 2.5 to 3.5 Dollars. This amount may be too high to be afforded by the young students.

Hope for Girls Foundation Objectives

To assist students from poor/needy backgrounds acquire sanitary towels and inner pants for their menstrual hygiene and provide training of their proper use.
To create awareness on the challenges that ordinary needy girls go through with
regards to menstrual health.
To combat school absenteeism as a result of menstruation and to ensure their self
esteem is held high regardless of the time or month.
To prevent exploitation of vulnerable girls
be male predators/defilers with an aim of
curbing teenage pregnancies, sexually
transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.
Rev. Pamela Okinda is a Minister and teacher of the Word of God and Pastors at PEFA County Cathedral in Migori, Kenya.

Rev. Pamela is married to Bishop Dr. John Okinda with whom they have pastored several churches in PEFA for the last 31 years.

She is also a mother of 8 grown kids and five grandchildren and 2 adopted children.