Journey Partner Inc.

Each of our journey’s is unique, yet they are incomplete without the support and sharing of each other.
Carrying each other’s burdens. Serving each other in love.

Vision, Mission, Focus

Our vision is
to build up others by nurturing faith to work in love.
Our mission is
to empower under-served demographics to share each other’s burdens and to persevere in carrying their own load, either as individuals, groups, or teams.
Our focus is
as an inter-faith Christian ministry specifically serving women married to ministers, women in Christian leadership, nurses, healthcare workers, those desiring to grow in their own leadership, and build more rewarding teams. These individuals serve, but are often underserved themselves. 

Foundational Scriptures and Values

Here at JPI, we are guided by our foundational principles and values found in




Journey Partner Inc. has two free group initiatives:


Journey Groups

Peer soul care groups serving all Christian women married to ministers of any type and married to ordained deacons.
In serving pastors’ wives, our offerings are based upon a spiritual formation/soul care model. To read the biblical, theological, and historical basis of this model, see an overview in chart form, and understand how the model is based on the life of Jesus click here

Nurse Resilience Project

This project offers spiritual, emotional, virtual, group care to nurses and healthcare workers. 
Nurse Resiliency Groups are offered twice a month.
Healthcare Resiliency Groups are offered once a month. 

Journey Partner Inc. offers fee-based individual or group resourcing,

covering such areas as:

  • Pastor Wife Role Exploration and Development
  • Leadership Training, Development, and Coaching
  • Ministry Coaching and Preparation
  • Small Group Leadership Training and Coaching
  • Team Building
Email Dr. Ashley to make requests or inquiries:

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Dr. Elisa Renae Ashley,

Executive Director

Elisa is a life-long Jesus follower. That’s not to say her faith journey has been easy, but her life has always been better because of Jesus. She has felt both the pain of loss and the sustaining power of faith. She has a genuine message of hope and love to share with you.
Elisa founded JPI in 2017 and has been serving in professional ministry since 2009. She started as an educator in 1996, but earned her Master’s of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and her Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from George Fox Portland Seminary.
Elisa’s dissertation is entitled Thriving Holistically as a Woman Married to a Minister: A Spiritual Formation Model to Support Women in the United States in their Role of Pastor’s Wife. She’s devoted hours of study and prayer to women in this special role. She’s professionally and uniquely trained to serve pastors’ wives. If you have any difficulty accessing the dissertation at the above link, try downloading a PDF here.
For more details, you may view Elisa’s full curriculum vitae here.
You can schedule a Zoom session or phone call with her by clicking here to access her calendar.


Volunteer Office Staff

All our staff and team leaders are volunteers. They are Jesus followers who have a heart for what God’s doing through JPI. They all serve from home, be that South Carolina or Nairobi, as we keep our overhead low. They are nurses, mothers, missionaries, etc., bringing various skills and experiences. They serve you and God out of love, so please thank them if you talk with them…that’s their pay for the day!


Volunteer Board of Directors

As a 501(c)3 incorporated non-profit, we operate with a board. Our’s is multi-ethnic and geographically diverse. It includes education ranges from high school diplomas to a doctorate. Some are deacons, pastors, teachers, entrepreneurs, and state or government workers. They share a belief that God is working through this ministry and give of their time to support it.

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